Q: Why is the Town of Boone installing new smart parking meters?

A: Following many years of community dialog regarding parking in downtown Boone, a parking task force composed of community and business leaders was formed and made recommendations to the Boone Town Council in June 2010. With these recommendations from the parking task force and recommendations from the Downtown Boone Development Association, the Boone Town Council made the decision to install smart parking meters for on-street parking in downtown at the September 2013 Town Council meeting.

Q: Why are they called “smart meters?”

A: The smart meters are called “smart” due to the technology they utilize, which allows them to accept credit and debit cards and providing the parking management team with real-time data regarding parking frequencies, payments, and occupancy volume. This data will be used to examine the future parking needs of downtown Boone. The smart meters send an alert when maintenance is needed saving time and money. Lastly, the new smart meters are solar powdered with a lithium battery backup.

Q: How long may I park without returning to my car before I receive a citation?

A: You may park at an on-street parking spot for up to two hours. Once your time has expired you may return to the meter and add more time.

Q: What are the rates for the on-street meters?

A: The smart meters will accept coins, debit, and credit cards. The rate is $1 per hour.

Q: Will I have to move my car after the time has expired?

A: Motorists are no longer required to move their vehicle to a new parking spot once their time has expired. They are required to add more time to the meter where their car is located if they wish to stay longer.

Q: What if I want to stay longer than an hour in downtown Boone? Is there long term parking in Boone?

A: Patrons of downtown Boone parked at an on-street meter may remain in their parking space by simply returning to where they parked to add more time to the meter. Long-term parking, including multi-hour and all day parking, can be found at the King Street and Depot Street parking lots. The King Street parking lot is located next to Boone Town Hall at 567 W. King St. The Depot Street parking lot is located on the corner of Depot and Queen Streets. There are coin meters on Queen Street that allow for up to three hours of parking.

Q: What parking options are available for employees and business owners to rent?

A: There are different private and Town owned parking lots available throughout and around downtown Boone. McLaurin Parking can provide businesses or employees with parking permits for a fee. Contact McLaurin Parking at 828.264.2645, www.mclaurinparking.com.

Q: Will there still be citations issued with the new parking management system?

A: There will still be parking enforcement with the new parking management system. If a motorist does not return to their vehicle to add time to the meter then they will receive an exceeding time violation. Parking the wrong direction, on the sidewalk, over the parking line, or parking in an unpermitted spot will also result in a parking citation. People that receive a citation will still have the opportunity to appeal their citation to the Parking Appeals Committee by contacting McLaurin Parking at 828.264.2645, www.mclaurinparking.com.

Q: Will there be new parking signs directing people to the long term parking areas?

A: The Town of Boone will install new directional parking signs for visitors to downtown Boone directing people to the King and Depot street parking areas. Most of the current parking signs will be removed. The smart meters and pay stations’ LCD screens will inform the motorists about rates and times.