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Beginning in the summer of 2019, Rapid City is transitioning to a new parking management program. These policies and technologies are part of implementation of the Downtown Area Master Plan (2016) and Downtown Parking Study (2017) to improve the efficiency and convenience of downtown parking. This website is the main information hub for everything you need to know about parking in downtown Rapid City.


Whether you're shopping, dining, enjoying culture, nightlife, or events at Main Street Square -- parking has never been easier. Now you can simply park and swipe, pay with coins, or use the PARK SMARTER™ Mobile app.

Look at the smart meter’s display to find parking rates, hours, time limits, and other important information. If it is dark, press any button to light the display.
If paying with coins, simply insert them in the coin slot until the desired time is reached on the display. Quarters, dimes, nickels, and $1 coins accepted.
If paying electronically, insert and remove your credit or debit card. The smart meter accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
With the blue [+] and [-] buttons, select the amount of time. The cost for that time will be displayed underneath.
Press green [OK] button to confirm your payment, or red [CANCEL] button to stop your transaction. The meter will attempt to authorize the payment shown on the screen if neither button is pressed after 35 seconds.
Wait for authorization of the card.
  *Please note that time purchased at this meter corresponds only to the adjoining parking spot. The time purchased is not transferrable.



Whether you're shopping, dining, enjoying culture, nightlife, or events at Main Street Square -- parking has never been easier. Now you can simply park and swipe, pay with coins, or use the Park Smarter Mobile app.

Look at the Pay Station Smart Meter screen and find parking rates, hours, time limits and other important information. If screen is dark, press any button and it will light up.
Either enter plate number or insert debit/credit card. IntelliTouch will prompt you through the remainder of the transaction.
With the [+] and [-] buttons, select your payment amount.
If paying with coins, exact change required and coins WILL NOT be returned.
If paying with debit or credit card, wait for authorization of the card. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted.
Press the [OK] button to confirm your payment, or [CANCEL] button to stop your transaction. The meter will attempt to authorize the payment shown on the screen if neither button is pressed after 5 seconds.
The display will then show the amount of paid time approved and when your time is up or the meter will request another card.
Print and remove receipt if requested. Receipt may be kept with you or placed on dash.
If using the PARK SMARTER™ mobile app – extend your parking session up to the maximum time allotted.



The PARK SMARTER™ mobile app provides our citizen's with a parking experience that saves time and is easy to use. To get started paying through your smartphone, visit the PARK SMARTER™ website and download the application.

Watch the demo:

Using My Parking Receipt™ image description

My Parking Receipt™ is a convenient website that allows customers to view, download and print their parking receipts paid at any IPS meter. My Parking Receipt™ offers:

  • Setting to automatically email parking receipts upon close of transaction

  • One-time customer account set-up to simply access, view export and expense

  • User-friendly interface

Watch the demo:


Frequently Asked Questions about Downtown Parking

Why is the City installing new parking meters downtown?
Most people visiting downtown Rapid City arrive by vehicle. A strong parking management program is important for downtown to be a place that is prosperous, connected, livable, active, and welcoming. The new parking meters are part of implementation of the Downtown Master Plan and Downtown Area Parking Study and serve two main purposes. First, the location of the meters in the downtown core (where demand for parking is the highest) will help to create turnover for downtown customers and visitors. Under previous management practices, valuable downtown parking spaces were too frequently held by long term parkers. The second benefit of the smart meters is the ease and convenience they add to the downtown parking experience through more payment options and a mobile app.

Why do we call the meters “smart”?
The new IPS Model M5 meters are smart for various reasons. They are smart because of the many options for convenient payment they offer. They are smart because they communicate wirelessly to the City to provide operational alerts and occupancy data, and to customers via smart-phone application. The M5’s are smart also because they are powered by the sun. A solar panel on each meter powers its rechargeable battery. Overall, they will be a key tool in managing a smart public parking program that supports smart development of Rapid City’s downtown center.

When will the new meters be installed?
The new parking meters are expected to be installed and operational early in June, 2019.

When do I have to pay to park in front of a meter?
The hours of enforcement for the parking meters, and the Pay Stations in the Parking ramp, are Monday – Friday 7am – 6pm and Saturday 9 am – 5pm.

Will the new technology assist people in finding parking?
The new smart-phone app, available for free download at app stores features a parking locator function to help visitors find available parking.

How much will it cost to park at a meter?
Your total parking fee will depend on how long you are parked. The fee for parking is $1/ hour. If you’re using credit card, there is a minimum purchase of $1.

What forms of payment do the meters accept?
The single space meters located on the street, and the pay by plate pay stations in the parking ramp will accept coin, credit/debit card, mobile app, or digital wallet such as google pay.

Which credit cards are accepted at the smart meters?
The meters will accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Is there a fee for using a credit card with the smart meters?
No, there is no fee to use a credit or debit card with the smart meters. However, there is a minimum parking session of one hour required to pay by credit card.

Is there a fee to use the pay-by-cell smart-phone app?
No, there are no additional fees to use the Park Smarter mobile app.

Can I get a receipt for my credit card payment at a new parking meter?
Yes. Visit and enter the requested information. A PDF receipt will be generated for the parking transaction(s) found for the credit card. You may also use the “Login” link to register your card; once that is done, you’ll automatically receive a receipt by email each time the card is used. When you use the Park Smarter mobile app, you can request that a receipt be emailed to you after each transaction.

What if I need to make a quick errand downtown? Do I still need to pay to park?
The on-street meters are equipped with a free button to accommodate stays of up to 15 minutes. If you may be at your destination longer than this, it is suggested that you pay for parking to avoid a citation.

How do I pay for parking in the ramp?
The parking spaces on the first level of the south/east portion of the ramp are managed by a Pay Station. After you pull into a space that is signed for Pay Station payment, note your license plate number and walk to one of three Pay Stations on your way to your destination downtown. Follow the instructions on the screen to pay for your desired amount of parking. If using the Park Smarter mobile app, you can complete your transaction on the app and skip the pay station altogether. Check out some of the information videos for more information about how to use the Pay Stations.

Where can I find long term parking if I live or work downtown?
The City owns multiple leased lots and has recently developed an on-street employee/resident permit program. Visit for more information about parking permits.

If I operate a business downtown, can I validate parking for my customers?
Businesses can validate customer parking by purchasing and distributing parking tokens from the City’ Finance Office. Tokens are available in volume to business owners only. Call 605-394-4143 or email for more information.

In 2 hour zones, a limited number of daily permits will be available for purchase online. Visit the permitting site to purchase daily permit assigned to a particular block face for $7.You’ll need to know the license plate number of your customer in order to complete this transaction. Visit the Permit Portal to check availability of daily passes.

What if I need to stay for longer than 2 hours in a 2 hour zone?
Through the Permitting website you can purchase a daily permit for $7. In addition, many parking spaces located outside of the parking zone are unmonitored. Here you can park all day without a plugging a meter or purchasing a permit.

If I didn’t initially pay for the space with the app, can I add time my meter from the Park Smarter app?
Yes. You can use the app to purchase more time for your meter, but you will need to know your meter number. If you might want to add more time through the Park Smarter app after your initial payment, be sure to look at the meter number of the space where you park.

What are the holidays with free parking downtown?
Downtown parking is free and unlimited on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Native American Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday) and Christmas

Buy a Permit

The City leases parking to the public in four surface lots and one parking ramp. In addition, a limited number of on-street permits are available for employees and residents of downtown. Options for 1-day use and construction permits are also available in limited supply. To apply for a parking permit visit the Permit Portal.

Download Instructions for getting started on the Permit Portal Here.

Pay a Citation

Parking citations may be paid online, in-person, or by mail.
Pay online with
In Person, City of Rapid City Cashier’s Office 7:30 am – 5:00 pm
By mail, check must be RECEIVED within 7 days, postmarked dates are not acceptable.

Make check payable to:
City of Rapid City
Send payment to:
City of Rapid City Finance Office
300 6th St.
Rapid City, SD 57701

Late Fees apply after 7 days from date of issue. Payment must be received within 7 days. Payments not received after 30 days will receive an additional late fee and be sent to collections. Vehicle may be immobilized if there are outstanding parking tickets.

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