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Learn how IPS Contactless Technology can provide your motorists with a secure, convenient, and reliable payment experience.

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Key Benefits of Contactless Payment


Reduced transaction time results in shorter lines, increased revenue, and a more positive customer service experience. Customers can pay quickly via cards, mini-cards, stickers, key fobs, smart watches, and smartphone.


Contactless payments are more secure than cash. Newer technologies that also use tokenization or biometrics add additional layers of protection, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity or theft.


Consumers have access to contactless payment cards and mobile wallets today. It has become an industry standard form of payment, and further eliminates the need to carry bills/coins. Meter techs can also worry less about coin jams.

Easily Upgrade to
Contactless Technology

IPS Smart Meters, including the M5™ Single-Space Smart Parking Meter and the MS1™ and MS3™ Multi-Space Pay Stations offer the option to accept contactless payments at the time of order, or can be easily upgraded to offer contactless payment after installation.

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Contactless Payment and More

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Enhance the Parking Experience


Contactless payment technology is being rapidly adopted by many industries worldwide, as consumers seek quick, secure, and convenient “tap-and-go” payment options.


The PARK SMARTER™ APP seamlessly integrates with existing IPS Smart Meters and allows patrons to find, pay for, and extend their parking session remotely, providing an optimized and fully contactless mobile street parking experience.

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In addition to providing a quick and easy parking experience for motorists, contactless payment technology increases cashless payments, which leads to more streamlined collections.