Contactless Technology

Today’s technologically-savvy customers expect things to get done quickly and efficiently. This is especially true for Smart Cities offering Smart Parking Solutions for motorists.

In addition to offering multiple payment options such as coins, bills, and credit cards, IPS Smart Meters also allow customers a seamless and contactless payment experience.



Contactless payments have the same protection as chip and PIN payments, making them safer than cash. Because contactless payments work when a card or device is a few centimeters from a Smart meter, it is virtually impossible for any details to be intercepted while in use.

Additionally, contactless technology isn’t limited to just plastic cards: It is available to consumers in other forms, such as mini-cards, stickers, key fobs, smart watches, and contactless-enabled phones.


Customers today expect a more convenient parking experience. By simply waving a card or hovering their smartphone or smartwatch near the meter, motorists can pay for parking in literally seconds, making the parking experience seamless and convenient.

This reduced transaction time results in shorter lines, increased revenue, and a more positive customer service experience.


Since contactless meters allow motorists to pay without cash, they require considerably less maintenance. Meter techs can worry less about fixing coin jams, and because there is less cash inside the meter, theft incidents are reduced as well.

When fully-integrated with other Smart Parking Solutions, contactless Smart meters can help cities increase turnover, reduce emissions, and increase customer satisfaction by providing an easy, convenient, and secure parking experience.

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