Budget constraints are major concerns for cities all over the country and around the world. Because of this, often times options are chosen based on today’s price without fully considering the financial impacts the decision can have further down the road. Instead of considering technology that should last 7-10 years, budget concerns often lead to choices that are less expensive at the time. When it comes to parking meters, many cities have implemented solutions that are relatively inexpensive on day one, but require replacement soon after. In fact, Smart Parking technology leader IPS Group replaces thousands of these “less expensive” parking meters annually, many of which were installed less than three years prior.

As a global Smart Cities software and hardware supplier, IPS Group produces the highest quality products on the market. While the initial investment to install IPS parking meters at times may be higher, the value created over time saves a municipality money in the long run. Cities that decide to go with the lowest cost meter are faced with the expense and hassle of maintaining and often prematurely replacing them.

Recently, a city in Alaska has experienced just this. The city invested nearly one million dollars for cheaper single space parking meters that were supposed to last seven years. The poor quality of parking meters was soon discovered and within three years, IPS was called to install replacements for every single parking meter. Furthermore, IPS has backed up its products by committing to a 10-year support plan with the city’s parking authority.

Another example is a city in Louisiana that just deployed 1,000 single space credit card meters – an option chosen by a supplier that appeared to be a cheaper price. Not two years later, the city had to replace all of them with IPS single-space Smart Meters. Similarly, a mid-sized border town in Texas just replaced 425 credit card meters by IPS Smart Meters just two years after installation.

The IPS success stories go beyond replacing inferior products. A city in the Northeast ordered 500 credit card parking meters to replace coin-only parking meters that were no longer working as they used to. They chose a product that was not an IPS product, just five months after the order was place, no parking meters had been delivered. The city then partnered with IPS, and within 30 days, IPS completed the installation of brand new credit card parking meters. Partnering with a parking meter solutions company like IPS Group that is focused on implementing technology for today, and the future is critical to a Smart City’s success. Furthermore, look for a partner that truly understands the technology and can implement optimized solutions that exceed your city’s objectives and deliver significantly higher value.

At IPS, our goal is to deliver the most technologically advanced and practical Smart Parking solutions that are long lasting and truly add value.

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