Corporate Social Responsibility

IPS Group, Inc. believes very strongly in making a positive impact in the world –and that includes making a difference to our cities' employees, community and constituents. With a focus on the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit), IPS is ensuring that we remain mindful of the public's interest. As IPS achieves rapid growth, it is our goal to include the public's interest with our success.

To that end, IPS has woven a corporate social responsibility (CSR) goal into our mission statement. IPS is committed to offering our customers a public-private partnership as a means of giving back to the community through the profit of our parking meters. This approach is customized for each city.

Donation Meter
Denver's Road Home Donation Meter Program

Donation Stations

By using the IPS credit card enabled parking meter to accept charitable donations, cities are able to maximize giving while providing a very convenient means to donate. While many cities are targeting homeless campaigns, the beneficiary is any cause the City wants to empower.

Click here and talk to an IPS CSR professional for more information: Together, we can make our cities and the world a better place!




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