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IPS is an industry leader, delivering patented innovations to the market. We invest in R&D to remain at the forefront of the industry, playing a key role in the Smart Cities movement. Since the start, IPS has revolutionized the way cities and their citizens view and interact with parking.

As of now, IPS holds over 100 patents that have changed the way that cities and communities view parking, making it easier and more efficient than ever before. IPS is best known for the patented credit card-enabled, solar-powered smart parking meter and SaaS web-based management system with advanced data analytics.

M3 Single Space Meters


9,002,723 B28,479,909 B2 8,590,687 B2
7,854,310 B22 622 1649,047,712 B2
2939478,749,403 B28,862,494 B2
305431 8,513,832 B28,566,159 B2
8,595,054 B2 7,806,248 B2 D575,168 S
D587,141 S 2 773 132 2 773 135
9,127,964 B2 287067

M5 Single Space Meters


9,002,723 B28,479,909 B28,590,687 B2
7,854,310 B22 622 1649,047,712 B2
2939478,749,403 B28,862,494 B2
D707,142 SD707,141 SD707,140 S
D749,000 S8,513,832 B28,566,159 B2
8,595,054 B27,806,248 B22 773 132
2 773 1359,127,964 B2287067

Pay Stations


MS1  Cale  Digital Luke  Siemens  Stelio  Strada

9,002,723 B28,479,909 B29,047,712 B2
D735,438 SD735,963 SD739,637 S
D739,639 SD768,888 S8,479,403 B2
8,566,159 B27,806,248 B22 773 132
2 773 1359,127,964 B2D735,437 S
D735,439 SD735,439 SD735,440 S
D735,964 SD735,965 SD739,638 S
D739,639 SD746,015 SD748,364 S



D683,795 SD690,771 S7,806,248 B2
7,806,248 B2

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Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy
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