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“Smart Parking is where technology, economics, & the customer experience converge to create more livable, sustainable cities.”
-International Parking Institute, 2014



Smart Cities do more with less. They increase customer convenience, optimize assets, increase revenue, and follow eco-friendly practices.

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At IPS Group, we are creating technology that is revolutionizing the parking industry. As a leading provider of Smart Parking for Smart Cities, we help cities use patented technology to increase customer satisfaction, replace outdated systems, make policy decisions based on data and much more.

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Average Revenue Increase


Average Meter Uptime


Parking Revenue by Credit Card

M5™ Single-Space Smart Parking Meters

The patented Smart Meters provide customers and their patrons with a simple, consistent parking experience which is more cost-effective and customer-friendly than alternatives. Enjoy
multiple payment options including credit/debit card, and contactless payment, plus access to real-time data, solar power technology, and a comprehensive web-based management system.

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Credit Card Transactions per Month

Cities in 5 Countries

Wireless Devices Deployed

MS1™ Multi-Space Pay Station

The MS1™ pay station is the latest generation of unattended payment systems from IPS Group. The MS1™ incorporates the unique features of the Proven IPS single-space platform, while offering customer focused features such as IntelliTouch™ transaction processing, paired with robust hardware design, including a stainless steel cabinet and armored glass as standard features.

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The use of IPS meters has been transformational in Bethlehem. Enforcement staffing is at the lowest level it has been at in 10 years. Having multiple payment options enhances compliance, and affords us the opportunity to redirect our focus on service initiatives.

Tom Hartley

Former Executive Director of the Bethlehem Parking Authority

We like IPS because our customers like IPS, and at the end of the day, that’s what we’re here for.

Dennis Thompson

Parking Meter Supervisor

We went with IPS because of the possibilities—the possibility to pay with additional forms of payment, the possibility to configure the meters remotely, and the possibility to use the meters and back-end system in ways we haven’t even conceived of yet.

Bill Miles

Former Manager for Right of Way Enforcement & Meter Operations

Vehicle Detection Sensors

IPS Group Sensors reliably detect the presence and absence of a vehicle in a parking space. With the recent addition of the in-dome sensor that incorporates into the M5 single-space Smart Meter, cities have big data at their fingertips. Non-intrusive installation, easy access for maintenance and a wireless connection – all feeding a powerful backend data management system engineered in tandem to allow you to make smart policy decisions.

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IPS Group partners with technology leaders to bring you the fastest, most reliable products on the market. Our partnerships with giants such as Qualcomm Technologies and Verizon ensure that our meters have the most innovative connectivity and integration available, allowing your parking program to operate even smarter.

Data Management System (DMS)

The most powerful data management system (DMS) in the industry giving you complete control over your parking system from anywhere at anytime. With the IPS Group DMS, data becomes the most important asset of your Smart City’s parking program.

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Gigabytes of Information Processed

Revolution™ Upgrade Kits

The IPS Revolution™ Pay Station Upgrade Kits are designed to retrofit existing pay stations, thereby maximizing current investment and infrastructure while upgrading to the latest parking meter technology. The kit replaces outdated components of the old pay station with new IPS technology and features.

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